Sungold Golden Retrievers

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Sungold Golden Retrievers

Sungold Kennels is proud to announce the new management of Wes Mangus and Amanda Brouwer. Wes and Amanda are working in conjunction with the Walkers to grow and develop the future of the Trieven Labradors and the Sungold Retrievers. Wes is a local young man that has spent his life growing up here in Lovell, Wyoming hunting every chance that he gets. Wes has been around the Trieven and Sungold dogs for many years and has had several dogs from Jay and Val over the years.

Amanda has a vast knowledge of animal biology and nutrition as well as a great love for hunting. We do the majority of all our training here on site from house training to crate training, and from gun and hunt training to whistle and water training.

Come check us out and get your next pup or started dog today!



SUNGOLD KENNEL is located on a 2,500 acre Game Bird Ranch, offering upland hunting from November 7th to March 31st. Our dogs are exposed to lots of birds which gives us a chance to pick the best for our breeding program. Our dogs are HUNTED on WILD BIRDS under NATURAL CONDITIONS. We ran AKC Field Trials for years, and have owned and trained many titled dogs. However, while ribbons and awards are great, the real proof of a HUNTING dog comes with HUNTING.

We HUNT our dogs, on pheasant, quail, ducks and geese under the toughest of conditions! We require a dog with the heart to hunt all day, and the natural inborn instincts which make them easy to train and work with. Our aim is to breed Goldens for hunting ability, good temperament, and retrieving ability, along with good looks and athleticism. If your aim is a family companion which will also excel at hunting give us a call.

Tangelo’s Howdy Pardner*** passed away recently at 13 1/2 years of age. We are fortunate to have SUNGOLD BIG TIMBER, his son, to take his place in our stud dog line-up. Timber is a good looking, powerful, dark red dog who excels in the water and as an upland dog. He did well on the club last season, on upland and waterfowl.